When my husband started talking about getting a security system, I wasn’t quite sure how to break it to him that we could not afford one. I am the one who takes care of money, and I knew what we had over at the end of every month. He just smiled when I started telling him about our budget because he had already looked at the various ADT Security prices. He knew that we could afford not only the equipment and installation fees but the monthly monitoring fees too. After he showed me the website with the prices on it, I knew that he was right.

I had never priced a security system or monitoring service before, but I was expecting it to be quite expensive. I always thought that only people who had an excess of money would be able to afford to have a system, but I saw that people who don’t even have as much as we do would also be able to get a system. That is because the basic system is free, and the installation cost is not very expensive for it. If a person wants more, then the price does go up, naturally, but it is still very affordable.

As for the monitoring plans, they start out around nine dollars a week, which most people spend on lottery tickets, coffee or one trip through the fast food drive thru lane. Getting the most expensive monitoring service plan is still only around 13 dollars a week, which most people spend without even thinking about it. Knowing that we could spend it on making sure our home was safe from both criminal elements as well as dangers inside like smoke or carbon monoxide was really a very easy decision. That is how we ended up with an ADT security system even though we do not have a lot of disposable income.

How We Are Able to Afford ADT