I was wondering about saving money at our shop like we do at our house now. Utility deregulation was not something I ever really looked into. I just stuck with the local utility providers no matter how many phone calls, door knocks or ads I got in the mail that were offering lower rates. Then one day we switched for our home. We were nervous about it, but we did read all of the fine print. There were no problems. We just saved money. So, I started looking into savings from a natural gas company for businesses. I figured that the gas retailers that served residents probably had some deals for businesses too.

We use a huge amount of natural gas at our business because we use it to heat a product we make. Gas flames are used to heat the product as well as the shop. We have one of those really big gas meters on the building. It is about five or more times bigger than the one on our house. The gas bill per month would be a nice wage for some person. Getting a lower rate on each cubic foot of gas for our business would be a big deal for us. Our business operates on thin profit margins. Every dollar of savings goes back into developing our business.

We found that we could meet all of the fine print for our business use of natural gas and still get a lower rate. Over time the savings would be significant. This is money we can put into buying another machine and adding an employee or giving out better bonuses. When you are talking about something used in huge quantities, a subtle shift toward a discount can add up to a lot of money very quickly for us.

Saving Money on the Natural Gas Bill for Your Business